Siuslaw Pioneer Museum

See the history

The Siuslaw Pioneer Museum is the home of historic displays, pictures and other information about the Siuslaw River area, including The Pioneers and the City of Florence. These displays feature the Pioneers whose occupations were primarily as loggers and fishermen. In the early days the Siuslaw River was the primary and nearly exclusive means of travel in the area. Visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to see real settings that these early pioneers lived in.

You could spend just an hour or two at the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum or perhaps make a day of it and include a self guided Historic Walking Tour which begins at the museum and brings you by 21 different buildings & locations in the Old Town Florence area.

Found in the lobby are many photographs and paintings of individuals and families who settled and developed the area. A sampling of attractions in this area include the museum gift shop, a display of early photographs of Mapleton, the Giving Wall, antique toy displays, several Mastodon teeth, and much, much more.

On display are artifacts and displays that illustrate and inform visitors about these activities and the role each played in the growth and development of the area. Along with the video display in the lobby, visitors can view a Siuslaw Pioneer Museum DVD production about the early history of the area and about ships and the maritime trade that carried goods and services to and from the Siuslaw.

The Museum's Research Library has documentary information regarding our local history and pioneer families. An audio-visual presentation shows a brief history of Florence along with information on early shipwrecks.

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